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The Goya Awards gala, which is being held this Saturday, February 10 in Valladolid, is paying tribute to Concha Velasco, the beloved actress who passed away on December 2. Concha Velasco was one of the most popular artists in Spanish history, and for over 50 years, she received immense affection from the public and her professional colleagues.

Concha Velasco’s two children, Manuel and Paco Martínez, maintained a very close relationship with their mother. They took care of her during the last years of her life when her health suffered, and they are now receiving this last tribute in Valladolid.

Manuel Martínez, Concha’s son with Fernando Arribas, was adopted by Paco Marsó when he married Concha Velasco in 1977. Although Paco Marsó was not his biological father, he recognized Manuel as his son. Concha Velasco revealed to Manuel who his father was, but she asked him not to make it public until after her death.

Manuel is a well-known playwright, director, and writer. His latest work was the publication of the book “Things You Shouldn’t Do the Night Before Getting Married” (2022), a romantic comedy. He was also the screenwriter of “María’s Room,” a play that his mother starred in and that marked her farewell to the theaters.

Paco Martínez, the youngest of the family, is the spitting image of his father Paco Marsó. He has followed in his father’s footsteps and is a producer. He founded the production company Chancleta Entertainment and has been behind the latest El Chojín video clips, among others.

Paco Martínez is even more discreet about his personal life than his brother Manuel. He was married to jazz singer Cecilia Cruz, and they have a son named Samuel, who is Concha’s only grandson. Concha Velasco had a close relationship with Cecilia, who continued to be part of the family even after her separation from Paco.

Concha Velasco’s family has always been there to support her, and her death represents a hard blow for everyone around her. Her legacy as an actress and the love of her family will continue to live on.

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