Chicago Fire: Violet Mikami Saved by Character from the Dead

Violet Mikami Saved by Late Character Hawkins’ Voice Recording in Season 11 of Chicago Fire

The eleventh season of NBC’s popular drama “Chicago Fire” saw a surprise return from a character previously believed dead, giving Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) a much-needed lifeline.

Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas), who had died months earlier, had left evidence prior to his death that saved Violet’s life when Emma (Caitlin Carver) threatened to expose a relationship between the two and falsely accuse Violet of neglect.

When Violet visited Hawkins’ apartment to recover some memorabilia for her late partner, she found a note-book belonging to Hawkins that had a voice message claiming Emma’s blackmail attempts. The recording was exactly what she needed to exonerate herself from the claims, and with the help of Hawkins’ voice, she triumphantly told Emma she wouldn’t live in CFD anymore.

Violet has won this round against Emma, but season 12 could well see a return from the vengeful character who will stop at nothing for her own satisfaction. ┬áThe finale of the eleventh season signified Honey’s rewarding triumph and captivated fans worldwide.


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