Cher denied custody of 47-year-old son again


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Cher’s Legal Battle for Custody of Son Elijah Continues

Cher has faced another legal setback in her ongoing battle for custody of her 47-year-old son, Elijah Blue Allman. The court has once again rejected her request for temporary guardianship, citing a lack of evidence to support her claims that her son is misusing his inheritance on drugs.

Despite Cher’s allegations, the court found that Elijah has demonstrated financial responsibility and has maintained a drug-free lifestyle. The final decision on the matter is set to be announced in March, following further review by Judge Jessica A. Uzcategui.

Cher’s lawyers have expressed concerns about Elijah’s mental health and have accused his partner and ex-wife, Marieangela King, of contributing to his alleged financial mismanagement. However, Elijah denies suffering from any mental health issues and has maintained that he is capable of managing his own affairs.

In response to the court’s decision, Cher has stated that she would be willing to accept the appointment of a court-appointed fiduciary to manage her son’s finances, rather than seeking direct control over his assets. She has also emphasized the support of her siblings and her belief that she is the best candidate to serve as Elijah’s guardian.

The dispute between Cher and her son has further strained their already troubled relationship. Cher has argued that Elijah is not capable of managing his financial resources independently, while also expressing concerns about the potential misuse of his trust fund payments.

The ongoing legal battle has shed light on the complex dynamics within Cher’s family, as well as the challenges of navigating issues related to mental health and financial management. As the case continues to unfold, both Cher and Elijah are facing difficult decisions about their future and the best way to ensure Elijah’s well-being.

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