Chasiv Yar Town Threatened by Russian Troops on Bakhmut Front

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In the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the small town of Chasiv Yar has become a target for Russian forces. Located west of Bajmut, the town is in danger of being completely besieged. Ukrainian soldiers have fired British howitzers to defend themselves, but the Russian army continues their advancement north of Bakhmut, and now controls half of the Donetsk region.

Despite the threat, Ukraine remains determined to defend their territory and has sent in reinforcements. In a show of solidarity, Poland and Slovakia are set to become the first countries in the Atlantic Alliance to send MiG 29 fighters to support Ukraine in their fight against the Russian invasion.

The European Union is also showing support for Ukraine by agreeing to a political plan that will accelerate the manufacture and delivery of ammunition to Ukraine. This will also involve joint purchases and efforts to increase the production capacity of the European defense industry.

The conflict in Ukraine has continued for several years, resulting in countless lives lost and a significant impact on the region’s economy. With the international community starting to take action to support Ukraine, there may be a glimmer of hope for a resolution to this ongoing conflict. However, it remains to be seen whether this support will be enough to deter the continuing aggression of the Russian army.

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