Character in NBC Drama ‘Chicago Fire’ Faces Possible Death Due to Cancer in Season 11

Chicago Fire star David Eigenberg’s character reveals his wife’s lung cancer diagnosis in the most recent episode.

Fans of Chicago Fire, NBC’s hit firefighter drama, were surprised at the news that Christopher Herrmann’s wife, Cindy (played by Robyn Coffin), had been diagnosed with lung cancer in the show’s most recent episode.

This isn’t the first time a character on the show has died—Characters like Leslie Shay (played by Lauren German) in Season 3 and Otis (Yuri Sardarov) in the show’s debut season 8 have previously died. But this time, it’s an illness that has caught the audience off guard

At the beginning of the episode, Christopher and Cindy went to a doctor after she had a persistent cough that appeared to be non-serious. However, it was decided to give Cindy a CT scan to rule out all possibilities. Unfortunately, it turned out the diagnosis was cancer, leaving Christopher having to break the news to his wife.

This illness has been a concern for the couple, and their love throughout the show has been easily visible. However, now they must face this devastating news and it will be interesting to see how the story progresses in future episodes.

Fans can only hope for the best for Cindy and her husband Christopher, and that the couple can weather this storm and come out the other end together.

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