Chanel urges respect for Benidorm Fest contestants


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It has been two years since Chanel’s victory at the Benidorm Fest. The Spanish-Cuban singer faced criticism and hatred from fans who supported other candidates, but she went on to achieve third place at Eurovision with her song SloMo. Despite the derogatory comments, she gained recognition from the general public.

In a recent conversation with El País, Chanel revealed that she has a “black list” of people who had insulted her and with whom she would not like to cross paths again. With this in mind, she has called for respect and common sense from all Eurofans.

As the first semifinal of the Benidorm Fest 2024 approaches, Chanel encourages people to follow the competition “with love and respect.” She took to her Threads account on Instagram to express her support for the candidates and to send them her love.

Chanel’s debut album, Agua de ella, marks her consolidation in the music industry two years after her Eurovision feat. Her victory at the Benidorm Fest was not an easy one, but she has proven herself as an artist to be reckoned with.

The Benidorm Fest 2024 features 16 candidates and their songs. As the competition kicks off, Chanel reflects on her own journey and encourages others to enjoy the week of the Beni Beibs with love and respect.

Despite the challenges she faced after her victory, Chanel has emerged as a successful artist, and her achievements at Eurovision have solidified her place in the music industry. She continues to inspire others and spread love and positivity through her music.

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