Challenges of System Permeability: Difficult Problem to Solve


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Real Madrid ended their American tour with a tough 1-3 loss to Juventus at the Camping World Stadium. The match saw Real Madrid take 34 shots, but only Vinicius managed to score a goal. The team’s defense was once again highlighted for its fragility, just ten days before the start of LaLiga with a visit to San Mamés.

Italian coach Ancelotti gave the preseason a six out of ten after the second defeat. The tour has left both positive and negative aspects about the new game style that the team wants to adopt to regain the European throne.

Ancelotti explained that the team will only change its system if the players are not comfortable. The permeability shown during a good part of the tour is one of the best news for Real Madrid. They are trying to find a system that allows the 4-4-2 to work, but that does not mean it will be the chosen system.

Ancelotti learned from Baggio and Zidane about the importance of adapting to the players’ qualities. This will allow the team to expand a script depending on their needs and the rival, preparing for matches without depending so much on the players, but on a game idea that allows them to face any defensive or offensive framework with clarity.

The departures of Benzema and Asensio caused a total loss of 43 goals and 16 assists, leading Real Madrid to sign Güler, Bellingham, and Joselu, and recover Brahim Díaz to put together an attack that can compete for titles. However, the data recorded in the four matches of Real Madrid’s tour does not invite optimism.

The team needed 63 shots to score a goal, reflecting an aiming problem that should provoke an urgent search to solve the problem. Ancelotti mentioned that the team may not be successful in preseason due to tiredness from traveling a lot.

The preseason has confirmed Vinicius as the great star of the team. The possible arrival of Mbappé could cause a problem in Ancelotti’s system, but Vini’s transformation serves to fit all the pieces together. Ancelotti mentioned that it is obvious what they have to improve.

The tough defeat against Juventus has sown the first serious problem of the season: doubts in a defense that has conceded 8 goals between the team’s four games. Ancelotti emphasized the need to fix the defensive level and improve set pieces.

Jude Bellingham is not completely comfortable in the new game system, as it is not allowing him to showcase the best of his repertoire. Ancelotti mentioned that the new system is going well and also facilitates Bellingham’s quality, but there is a need to connect with Jude on the pitch with total clarity.

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