CGTP calls for national march to demand higher minimum wage in Peru 2024


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The General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP) is calling for a national march to demand an increase in the Minimum Living Remuneration (RMV), which is currently set at S/1,025. The march is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, February 21 throughout the country. In addition to the increase in the basic salary, the CGTP is also demanding other measures related to union law, respect for democracy, and collective bargaining.

The last time the minimum wage was increased in Peru was in May 2022, during the administration of former president Pedro Castillo. At that time, the basic remuneration went from S/930 to S/1,025, an increase of S/95. Gustavo Minaya, deputy general secretary of the CGTP, has pointed out that in the current economic recession, the union has repeatedly asked the Ministry of Labor for measures to reactivate the economy. He emphasized the need for the minimum wage to at least reach the amount of the basic family basket, which is 2,025 soles.

The minimum wage in Peru has not increased since 2022 and is one of the lowest in Latin America. The former president of the Confederation of Workers of Peru (CTP), Elías Grijalva, has stated that it is time to increase the Minimum Remuneration Vital (RMV) due to the increase in certain prices such as transportation fare.

The head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Alex Contreras, has stated that without growth, there can be no adjustments to the minimum wage. He emphasized the need for consensus and economic growth in order to make adjustments to the minimum wage.

The president of the Single Central of Workers (CUT), Julio Cesar Bazán, believes that the minimum wage is several years overdue for an adjustment to the cost of the basic consumer basket. He estimates that the minimum wage should be doubled to bring income closer to the requirements of the basic family basket.

According to a study by the Statista portal, Peru will have one of the lowest minimum salaries in Latin America in 2024, ranking fourth in the region with a minimum wage of 1,025 soles. This study also reveals the lack of updating in the RMV of Peruvian workers, contrasting with the progressive increases implemented in neighboring countries such as Mexico.

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