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CGT in France Calls for Wage Boost to Maintain Buying Power

CGT in France Calls for Wage Boost to Maintain Buying Power

CGT Leader Calls for Increase of Salaries and European Minimum Wage

The general secretary of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), Unai Sáez Martíneez, has called for the increase of wages to prevent a loss of purchasing power and relaunch consumption to reactivate the economy.

In an interview with EFE this Monday, Martínez rejected the argument that revaluing salaries at the level of inflation would create a spiral that would prevent the electric escalation of prices from cooling down. “For now, what I see is that wages are not rising and inflation is there,” said Martínez.

The union leader insisted that increased wages would most boost consumption. He further noted that this is a general claim in the European Union, and that union members across the EU are advocating for the establishment of a European minimum wage to narrow the existing gaps.

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On the achievements of his tenure, Martínez expressed that he wants “a CGT that is more open to the world, that deals more with ecological issues, with the situation of women.”

Martínez, who has been with the CGT since 2015, will have a successor be chosen at a congress held from March 27 to 31.

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