Celebrity House 4: Thali Rocks Lupillo Rivera Pajamas


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Lupillo Rivera recently opened up about why he decided to get a tattoo of Belinda’s face on the inside of his right arm. He explained that he had always wanted to get a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe, whom he considers the most beautiful woman who has ever existed. However, he realized that he would never be able to kiss Marilyn Monroe, so he decided to get a tattoo of someone he had a real connection with. Lupillo Rivera also mentioned that he has had encounters with several actresses and singers, but no one can deny that Belinda is a very beautiful woman.

During a special dinner at LCDLF, Maripily made a controversial comment to Lupillo Rivera that made everyone uncomfortable. She said, “I don’t eat raw, the only raw meat I eat is yours.” This comment caused discomfort among the residents and sparked controversy.

Thali García appeared at a weekly party wearing Lupillo Rivera’s famous checkered pajamas, leading many to speculate that Lupillo Rivera would save her from elimination. Lupillo Rivera later won the salvation challenge, which allows him to save a personality at risk of elimination. It is unknown who he will save, but many believe he will choose Thali García.

Lupillo Rivera awarded two points against Leslie Gallardo and one against Fernando Lozada, ultimately calling for the elimination of Leslie Gallardo without mentioning her name. He expressed his frustration with her constant talk about her boyfriend, Emilio Osorio, and her in-laws, Niurka Marcos and Emilio Osorio.

In conclusion, Lupillo Rivera’s recent revelations and actions at LCDLF have caused quite a stir among the residents and fans of the show. His decision to get a tattoo of Belinda, his interactions with Maripily, and his choices in the elimination process have all contributed to the drama and excitement of the show. It will be interesting to see how these events unfold in the coming episodes.

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