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Celebrity Chefs Kiyomi Mikuni and Yusuke Nomura Take Diners on an Exquisite Culinary Journey to Tokyo

Celebrity Chefs Kiyomi Mikuni and Yusuke Nomura Take Diners on an Exquisite Culinary Journey to Tokyo

Tokyo’s Culinary Secrets: Insights from Celebrity Chefs
Tokyo has long been known for its diverse and delicious cuisine, drawing foodies from across the globe to indulge in its myriad offerings. Recently, the Euronews team was given a rare opportunity to get an insider look at the city’s culinary scene through interviews with some of the city’s most notable chefs.

One such chef is Kiyomi Mikuni, who stresses the importance of using locally sourced ingredients. “I was working in Europe and all the chefs in ‘three-star’ restaurants used local vegetables, from local producers, and the characteristics of my cooking have been influenced by this. I express this by using Tokyo produce and Tokyo vegetables as main ingredients,” declares the renowned head chef of Mikuni Marunouchi.

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As for her personal preferences, Mikuni frequents a ramen restaurant she’s been visiting for years, and loves to explore the Tsukiji market to see what’s in season. Recently, she picked up some of the national tuna and was blown away by its buttery texture and rich flavor.

Yusuke Nomura, the fourth-generation chef at Toranomon’s two Michelin star Daigo restaurant, focuses on “Shojin cuisine” which is a vegetarian style of cooking that is also good for the environment. He also gains inspiration from traditions and merges them with innovation in his kitchen. He often goes to a nearby temple called Seishoji for spiritual guidance.

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In his free time, Nomura enjoys leisurely strolls in the bustling Shibuya district, where he’s currently working on a new project, a vegan sauna that serves traditional Shojin cuisine dishes like vegan curry and ramen.

Both Mikuni and Nomura agree that Tokyo is a city with its own unique culture that is a must-visit for anyone with a passion for good food, spirits, and culture.

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