HomeNews"Celebrating a Decade of Citi Bike: Bicycle Share Service in NYC"

Celebrating a Decade of Citi Bike: Bicycle Share Service in NYC

Celebrating a Decade of Citi Bike: Bicycle Share Service in NYC

Citi Bike Celebrates 10 Years of Service

On Saturday, May 27th, Citi Bike celebrated its 10th anniversary since launching in New York City. The beloved bike share program has become a staple for many New Yorkers who use it for their daily commute or leisurely rides around the city.

An Indispensable Part of Life

Tina Feege, a regular Citi Bike rider, began using the program during the pandemic when she stopped using the subway. She stated, “I could not live without Citi Bike, I go all around the city on Citi Bike.” Many riders like Tina rely on Citi Bike for affordable transportation and exercise.

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Growing Success and Reach

Citi Bike launched in 2013 with 6,000 bikes and has since expanded to nearly 30,000 bikes in four boroughs. It set a record two weeks ago when 867,840 rides were taken. Brian Garcia, a dog walker and Citi Bike rider, loves how convenient and fast the bike share program is for his job.

Room for Improvement

While Citi Bike’s overall success is lauded, some neighborhoods still lack bike docks. Staten Island, for instance, has no Citi Bike docks. The city is actively working on adding more bike lanes to increase commuter safety, but Elizabeth Adams with Transportation Alternatives states that they are lagging behind schedule.

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Plans for Expansion

The city plans to add 50 more miles of bike lanes in 2023, and many riders support this move. Tina, for instance, regularly rides in bike lanes and wishes there were more of them. Overall, Citi Bike has been a great addition to New York City’s transportation options and offers many benefits to its riders.
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