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Celebrate the Birthday of Susy Díaz: the ‘Queen of Diets’ with Notable Figures in Peru

The Charismatic Journey of Susy Díaz: A Star on Her Birthday

Today marks the celebration of the birthday of the charismatic and controversial Susy Díaz, a woman known for her iconic phrases such as “Live life and don’t let life live you” and “queen of clever diets.” Throughout her career, Susy has faced numerous controversies, with many classifying her as a “brute blonde.” However, she has proven herself to be one of the most talented individuals of her generation and has managed to stay relevant in the world of entertainment.

Susy Díaz began her journey in the entertainment industry in 1984, starting as a secretary at Panamericana Televisión. Two years later, in 1986, she ventured into the world of entertainment by becoming an extra dancer on the comedy program ‘Risas y Salsa.’ This experience ignited her passion for the industry, leading her to study dramatic at the Lima Theater Club.

During her early years, Susy Díaz had a romantic relationship with the renowned composer Augusto Polo Campos. Together, they had a daughter named Flor Polo Díaz, also known as Florcita. As the years went by, Susy became a part of several comedy shows and even hosted the musical program ‘Ritmo tropical’ for channel 7 (RTP) in the early 1990s.

In 1993, Susy worked in different Café Teatros, including “La gata Caliente” and “Arlequín.” was during this time that she started gaining prominence as a star. In 1994, she married Percy Arévalo, but their marriage ended in 1998.

Not one to shy away from the limelight, Susy Díaz joined the political party Movimiento Independiente Agrario in 1995 and ran for the Peruvian Congress. Her campaign was unique and caused quite a stir, as she famously displayed the number 13 on her backside and distributed condoms as part of her programs. Despite the scandal, she was elected as a congresswoman for the period of 1995-2000.

In 2000, Susy Díaz faced a controversy when she was accused of accepting money to skip a plenary session. Additionally, she went through various , including one with journalist Martín Valdivia, which she claimed was the most impactful relationship of her life.

Over the years, Susy’s romantic interests took unexpected turns, including a relationship with Eddi Hidalgo, also known as “El Mero Loco.” Unfortunately, Hidalgo betrayed Susy, leading to the end of their relationship.

In 2009, Susy Díaz was sentenced to three years of suspended prison for the crime of active bribery. After serving her , she continued with her career in entertainment. In 2011, she married singer Andrés Miguel Olano Castro, known as ‘Andy V,’ live on the Magaly TeVe program. However, this marriage ended in divorce in 2015.

After a period of being single, Susy’s heart found another love in Walter Obregón, a man from Huarmey. Unfortunately, their relationship also came to an end when Susy discovered Obregón with another woman.

Today, Susy Díaz celebrates her 59th birthday, and she continues to captivate with her unique . Known for her “ diets” and iconic red lips, she remains a remarkable figure in the entertainment industry. Happy birthday, Chuchi!

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