Cecilia Galliano throws epic party for Sebastián Rulli’s son: actor’s reaction


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Cecilia Galliano threw a huge party for Sebastián Rulli’s son, Santiago, to celebrate his 14th birthday. The telenovela heartthrob, Sebastián Rulli, shared an emotional message on social media, expressing how important Santiago is in his life and how proud he is of the young man he is becoming.

Santiago Rulli, in turn, shared photos of the birthday party on his Instagram account. The party had a casino theme, with all kinds of games and even a drum show. Santiago expressed his gratitude to his mother, Cecilia Galliano, for organizing the incredible party.

Cecilia Galliano responded to her son’s words with love and affection, expressing how much he deserves the celebration and how much she loves his outlook on life. Sebastián Rulli also reacted to the birthday party, expressing his happiness at seeing his son enjoying and celebrating his life.

The party was filled with guests and tender moments between Santiago and his mother. The celebration was a testament to the love and affection that the Rulli family shares for each other. It was a joyous occasion that brought everyone together to celebrate Santiago’s 14th birthday.

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