CDMX concert company expands with more ticket sales and new venues


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TWICE, the famous South Korean band, has announced the release of more tickets for their upcoming concerts at the Foro Sol in Mexico City. This news has generated excitement among their Mexican followers, as the band’s international tour has been a resounding success in every city they have visited.

Formed in 2015 under the JYP Entertainment label, TWICE has become one of the most prominent girl groups in the Korean music industry. Comprised of Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu, the group has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with their infectious music, synchronized choreography, and charismatic personalities.

Since their debut, TWICE has accumulated a long list of hits with songs like “TT”, “Fancy”, and “Feel Special”, which have not only dominated the charts in Korea but also gained international popularity. The decision to release more tickets for the concerts at Foro Sol is a response to the high demand and fervor of Mexican fans, who have shown unmatched enthusiasm for the arrival of TWICE to Mexico.

The concerts in Mexico City are shaping up to be unforgettable events, where the band will present their greatest hits, in addition to the songs from their most recent album, marveling attendees with their energy and spectacularity on stage. The company that organizes massive events in Mexico, Ocesa, confirmed the new locations for the following dates: Friday, February 2 – Foro Sol, CDMX and Saturday, February 3 – Foro Sol, CDMX.

TWICE’s tour is not only a demonstration of their talent and charisma but also represents a cultural bridge between South Korea and the rest of the world, bringing the essence of K-pop to an increasingly broader and more diverse audience. K-pop has established itself as a global phenomenon, and TWICE is at the forefront, breaking new ground and overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers with its music.

Additional tickets are available through Ticketmaster, and it is expected that they will sell out quickly, given the expectation surrounding these concerts. Therefore, we recommend going to the website as soon as possible to purchase them. The sections where tickets were released are the following: Information in development…

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