Cayetano Martínez de Irujo defends Genoveva Casanova vigorously


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Cayetano Martínez de Irujo made a public appearance at the annual gala of the Madrid Sports Press Association. When asked about Genoveva Casanova, he did not comment. Later, he appeared on the set of ‘Espejo Público’ to speak about the difficult situation that farmers in Spain are facing. Surprisingly, he defended his ex-wife, Genoveva, who has been in the media spotlight since images of her with Federico of Denmark were published.

Cayetano expressed his concern for the damage that has been done to Genoveva and their children due to the media attention. He revealed that Genoveva has taken legal action to defend her honor and privacy. He emphasized that she is the one taking legal measures with the support of his lawyers.

Cayetano expressed his outrage at the way certain sectors of the press have treated Genoveva. He believes that they have unfairly targeted her in a diabolical way. He emphasized his close relationship with Genoveva and stated that they will seek justice for the damage done to her and their children.

Cayetano made it clear that he will not forgive those responsible for the harm caused to Genoveva until they make amends. He is determined to support her through this difficult situation and ensure that justice is served.

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