Catty Moore Appointed Interim Superintendent of Durham Schools


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Durham Public Schools in North Carolina has announced that Catty Quiroz Moore will be stepping in as the interim superintendent, replacing Dr. Pascal Mubenga who resigned. Moore, who previously served as the superintendent of the Wake County public school system, retired from WCPSS in February 2023 and is now a member of the North Carolina State Board of Education. With over 35 years of experience in public education, Moore has worked as a teacher, principal, and school system administrator.

During her time in Wake County Public Schools, Moore played a significant role in passing policies that promote equity and negotiated bonuses and funding increases for the school system. Her appointment comes amid a labor dispute, with the announcement that Friday will be a work day for teachers, and after-school sports and extracurricular activities will operate as normal. Families expressed disappointment over another unplanned day off from school, with some homeschooling parents offering child care to those in need.

The board voted to use an additional $700,000 to compensate employees in February after financial errors in the district led to the resignation of the superintendent and chief financial officer in January. Two weeks ago, the Durham Board of Education decided to use nearly $5 million from its emergency fund to allow employees to keep the money they were receiving.

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In conclusion, the appointment of Catty Quiroz Moore as the interim superintendent of Durham Public Schools brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role. The ongoing labor dispute and financial challenges in the district continue to be a point of concern for the community, but efforts are being made to address these issues. Additionally, Whiteside Mountain stands as a natural wonder in North Carolina, offering outdoor enthusiasts a chance to explore its ancient cliffs and breathtaking views.

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