Casey Wilson criticizes Tim Allen for ‘rude’ behavior on ‘The Santa Clauses’ set


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Tim Allen, who plays Santa Claus, may not be as jolly as he seems. Casey Wilson, co-host of “Bitch Sesh,” claimed that Allen acted like The Grinch when they filmed a scene together for “The Santa Clauses” television series. Wilson said it was the worst experience she’s ever had with a co-star. She recalled a scene where she was supposed to mistake Santa as an intruder. Allen complained to the producer about her stepping on his lines, making everyone walk on eggshells around him. Wilson also claimed that Allen rudely critiqued her and was uncomfortable to work with. She also alleged that a crew member told her she was seeing him on a good day.

Wilson guest starred in the show’s debut episode, which was released in November 2022. The show’s two seasons are available to stream on Disney+, and a third season has yet to be announced. “The Santa Clauses” is a sequel to Allen’s beloved movies, 1994’s “The Santa Clause,” 2002’s “The Santa Clause 2,” and 2006’s “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.”

This isn’t the first time Allen has been accused of inappropriate conduct on set. In February, Pamela Anderson accused him of flashing her on the set of the hit ’90s sitcom, “Home Improvement.” Allen denied the accusations, saying he would “never do” such a thing.

Despite Wilson’s claims, Page Six did not immediately receive a response from Allen’s representative regarding her comments. It remains to be seen if there will be any further developments in this story.

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