Carlos Sainz’s F1 Options for 2025 Season


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A few weeks ago, there was a standstill in Carlos Sainz’s renewal with Ferrari. This was not due to disagreements between the two parties, but because Ferrari was negotiating with seven-time F1 champion, Lewis Hamilton. The negotiations were not about years or money, but about internal politics and incorporating a great champion in history for marketing purposes. Sainz will be in his last season at Ferrari in 2024, but his future as a regular driver on the grid is assured. He has several important offers starting in 2025, as he is the only driver capable of beating Red Bull throughout 2023.

Sainz’s potential landing spots include the current Stake F1 or the old Sauber, where he could drive before the team changes its name to Audi F1 in 2026. Audi will bring its own engine to F1, with a power unit that will have half of its delivery from an electric motor and the rest from a gasoline thermal engine. With Andreas Seidl at the controls and the arrival of a winning brand, the Audi project would rely on Sainz as the first driver.

Toto Wolff was already in talks with Carlos in 2020 as a possible replacement for Bottas at Mercedes. Ferrari entered the scene in that year to secure a driver capable of promoting the Italian brand’s return to victories. With Hamilton out of Brackley, Sainz is a very attractive possibility to be Russell’s teammate.

Red Bull will likely have a vacant spot in 2025, and one of McLaren’s drivers could land next to Verstappen. Sainz has been linked to the Austrian team, but for now, it is not one of the open options. Sainz has already experienced a plan in which he was completely obscured, and Ferrari has been much more even-handed in terms of means and consideration.

It won’t be long before knowing Sainz’s next team in F1, but going a year without racing does not appear on his roadmap.

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