Capture of ‘La Kena’, Leader of Matamoros Kidnapping Group


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The suspect known as ‘Ciclón 19’ was the leader of the ‘Los Ciclones’ faction, which broke away from the powerful Gulf Cartel. He had been wanted in Tamaulipas since 2022, with a reward of up to $150,000 offered for information leading to his capture. The Secretary of the Navy stated that he was a key leader in a criminal organization with a strong presence in Tamaulipas and was a main target of the DEA.

‘La Kena’, whose real name is José Alberto García Vilano, was arrested in Nuevo León in a joint operation by federal authorities and the State Investigation Agency of the Attorney General’s Office of Nuevo León. He was captured along with three other people inside a department store. The arrest was made without any shots being fired, and García Vilano was escorted to official units near the shopping center.

The Secretary of the Navy stated that the arrest was made possible through field and office work that provided timely information contributing to the capture. García Vilano was a key leader in one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Tamaulipas and was made available to the competent authorities for investigation.

The ‘Los Ciclones’ faction is one of the most powerful and violent factions of the Gulf Cartel. It has been linked to the kidnapping and murder of Americans, as well as another faction known as ‘The Scorpions’. In a separate incident, four Americans crossed into the border city of Matamoros from Texas for cosmetic surgery, but were shot in the city center and placed in a pickup truck. Two of them survived.

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