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Cancun Sees Investment Injections Fueling Historic Tourism Growth by 2023

Cancun Sees Investment Injections Fueling Historic Tourism Growth by 2023

Cancun mayor talks about the success of the city’s tourism at Fitur International Toursim Fair

The Mayor of Cancun, Mara Peralta, spoke this Friday at the Fitur International Tourism Fair to promote the city as a safe space to travel and a major tourist destination. Peralta pointed out the numerous improvements to the international airport and its access, along with the increase in interconnectivity as main reasons for cities success.

The commitment from international hotel groups to the region and the execution of projects such as the Mayan Train and the relaunch of the public airline will culminate in the coming months in new,historical records for tourist arrivals according to the Mayor.

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Cancun offers 43,109 rooms in 207 hotels, 50 beaches with quality marks, four terminals, and excellent interconnection with US, Canada, England, Germany France and Spain.

The mayor also highlighted the many initiatives deployed during the pandemic to reopen hotels, as well as development of new infrastructures such as a new hospital in the hotel zone and the efforts that the governments and local administrations have put in to make the area safe, including tourist police and the presence of the National Guard, Sedena and the Navy.

The mayor also mentioned the collaboration between the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Cancun to boost spanish investments in Mexico, as well as the firm brand the city has among Spanish chains, with 38% of the total investment.

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The region is also starting to attract more European tourists and the mayor believes that this year will be a historic year from a tourist point of view.

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