Camilo Sesto’s Son Allegedly Expresses Desire for Gender Transition: Shocking Revelation


The heir of the legendary Camilo Sesto has sparked rumors about a possible transition to female due to recent social media posts. Camilo Sesto’s son has been posting photos in a new, feminine appearance on his Instagram profile, Shelaw. According to journalist Saúl Ortiz from the Spanish TV show “Fiesta,” the young man has been taking hormones for a few days and wants to undergo a gender transition.

However, the journalist has also noted that the son is not undergoing any necessary medical control and is taking hormones on his own, even acquiring them through the black market. This has raised concerns about safety and proper care for the young man’s transition.

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In addition to the rumors about a possible transition, Camilo Blanes has also been in the news lately due to his state of health. He was hospitalized for around two months in Madrid due to pneumonia in November 2021. Since then, his health has also suffered, and he has been seen toothless in recent social media posts. Camilo Blanes has also been in an ongoing battle with addictions.

The young man’s mother, Lourdes Ornelas, has expressed concern and anguish about her son’s situation, saying that she is trying to do what she can to help him medically, but it’s not easy in Spain. Ornelas has also had to stay strong for her son, as he has been struggling since the death of his father in 2019. Moreover, Camilo Blanes reportedly indicated that he would change everything his father left him because he would have given him one last hug. In fact, he doesn’t even want to change the house or anything inside it, as he wants to preserve everything as his father left it.

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The situation with Camilo Sesto’s son is complicated, and it raises important questions about gender transitions, medical care, and mental health. It’s essential to address these issues with compassion and care for those going through these struggles. Transitioning is a significant life decision that should be supported by proper medical and mental health care.


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