Cambodia’s Prime Minister Warns Opposition to Face Consequences Leading Up to Elections

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen threatens opposition party

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen threatened the main opposition force, the Candlelight Party, with legal action during a speech reported by local media. He accused their leaders of “deserving to be in prison”.

The threat was issued a few months before the scheduled July 23 national elections, which the president and CCP leader plans to renew his mandate. The CPP is being accused by the opposition of “threatening” them, pointing out at the recent arrest of Thach Setha, the party’s vice-chairman.

In a speech held at the inauguration of a hospital in Phnom Penh, Hun Sen declared legal prosecution and subtly threatened their families, referring to their children and wives. The threats were however met with a challenge from Ho Vann of the Candlelight Party.

The Cambodian leader’s statement come at a time of intensifying harassment against the opposition and further solidify the CPP’s grip on power since 1985.

The local media and digital news outlet VOD reported on the incident. Agencia EFE SA has strictly prohibited the redistribution or modification of its contents.

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