California family’s Christmas tree stolen by real-life Grinch


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A family in California had their Christmas tree stolen right off the top of their car in a heartless crime that sounds like something out of a holiday movie. Jesus and his wife had just bought a tree in San Mateo on Friday evening and left it tied to the roof of their SUV in a parking lot while they ran some errands. When they returned to their car, they were shocked to see that their Christmas tree was gone. Security footage showed a white SUV passing Jesus’ car and then backing up and parking in the spot next to it. A man got out of the SUV and walked over to the couple’s vehicle, where he cut the ropes tying the tree to the roof of their car one by one. The Christmas tree rolled off the roof and the man caught it, carried it to the back of his own car, and stuffed it in the trunk. He struggled to close his car’s trunk before finally slamming it shut and driving off. The real-life Grinch fled in a white SUV, and the suspect has yet to be identified. San Mateo Police said they will be on the lookout for similar crimes as the holidays approach, but called the tree-snatching a “unique case.” They also added that there are people with good hearts out there who are more than willing to help out those who can’t afford a tree this time of year. The suspect has yet to be identified. The Christmas tree lot that sold Jesus the stolen tree replaced it with a new one, according to the outlet. It’s a sad situation, but hopefully, the family can still have a merry Christmas.

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