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Calendar and schedule of all the signatures of the Book Fair 2023

The Madrid Book Fair 2023 is celebrated between the next May 26 and June 11, with the presence of 361 booths in which the main authors will be signing copies. In total, the presence of more than 1,000 is expected. writers and authors, so there are many and it is important to know the time they will be present if you do not want to miss their signature. Let’s find out below the calendar and schedule of all the signatures of the Book Fair 2023.

Calendar of signatures of the Madrid Book Fair 2023

The Madrid Book Fair is preparing for its landing in the Retiro Park in Madridand on this occasion, the 82nd edition will have news prominent as the placement of a series of awnings to avoid sunny areas in the enclosure, but the interest is above all in the books and also in the authors who are going to sign.

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Among these authors this year, the presence, for example, of: Dolores Redondo, Javier Cercas, Juan José Millás,, Juan Gómez Jurado, Javier Castillo, Julia Navarro, Fernando Aramburu, Elvira Lindo, Ildefonso Falcones, Elisabet Benavent and Pedro Almodóvar.

They are expected to be between 1,200 and 1,500 writers present in this edition, which can generate more than 5,000 signaturesso it is important to know what time each of them will sign.

Schedule of the Madrid Book Fair 2023

Let us remember that the hours of the Madrid Book Fair will be from Monday to Thursday between 10:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.while Friday, Saturday and Sunday, tomorrow’s hours will be extended until 3:00 p.m.while the afternoon will be the same as the rest of the firms.

The main firms at the Madrid Book Fair 2023

The calendar of the Madrid Book Fair is really complete. In fact, from June 26 to 11, the calendar reflects an average of more than 100 authors per day (and even 200 or 300 on some days).

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Between the authors who are not going to miss the Madrid Book Fair we can highlight these depending on each day.

  • May 26: Manuel Espejo Jurado, Javier Cercas, Javier Fuentes among others.
  • may 27th: Carme Chaparro, Elvira Navarro, Raúl Gomez Marathon Man, Fernando Aramburu, among others.
  • May 28: Manuel Espejo Jurado, Julia Navarro, María Reig, Carmen Mola (Jorge Díaz, Agustín Martínez and Antonio Mercero), among others.
  • May 29: Gabriel Martínez, Carola Prieto, Rafael Marín, Raquel Tenorio among others.
  • May 30: Gonzalo del Valle, Antonio Sempere, Antonio Turiel among others.
  • may 31: José Palacios, Javier Urra, Boris Izaguirre, Susana Nogal among others.
  • June 1 : Manuel Espejo Jurado, Pablo Carbonell, Carla Novillo, Carlos Mora, among others.
  • June 2nd: Manuel García Rubio, Celia Rodríguez, Javier Molina among others.
  • 3 of June: Alfonso J Ussía, Ignacio Caballero, Rosa Díez among others.
  • June 4: Ana Gil, Pilar Tena, Andrés Trapiello, Blue Jeans among others.
  • 5th June: Manuela Marín, Víctor Amela, Soledad Mariño among others
  • June 6th: Manuel Vilas, Santiago de Luca, Mayte Blasco among others.
  • June 7th: José Palacios, Ana Peinado, Alicia del Rey among others
  • 8 of June: Rafael María Molina, Isabel del Río, María J Cuesta among others.
  • June 9: Luis Moya, Julia Navarro, Luis Bustos and Siro López among others.
  • June 10th: Cristina Buhigas, Pilar López Ávila, Julia Navarro, Nieves Álvarez, among others.
  • 11th of June: Lucía Chacón, Julián Olivares, Elvira Lindo, Rosa Montero among others.
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These are just some of the authors, if you wish to be able to consult the list of the entire Signing Calendar for the Book Fair of Madrid 2023, click on This link.

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