CAF Opens New Regional Headquarters in Panama

CAF Opens New Regional Headquarters in Panama

CAF Opens New Regional Headquarters in Panama.

The Andean Development Corporation (CAF) has opened its newest regional headquarters in Panama.
The new headquarters, SWI in English, are the latest in a series of CAF regional offices around the world.
The goal is to provide the best possible support to the countries of Central America and Panama in the implementation of projects and initiatives related to economic, social and territorial development.

The headquarters will coordinate the navigation of all aspects of development, while also promoting regional integration and creating job opportunities.
CAF will also be able to provide direct support to the different governments in order to target development efforts more effectively.

The head of CAF, Luis Carranza, expressed his excitement about the new headquarters, stating that it would “allow us to strengthen our cooperation with Central American countries and Panama to support their efforts to promote development and progress.”

Carranza also stressed the importance of this regional presence for CAF, especially given the broad range of challenges that face the countries in the region.
He believes that “the opening of this office will allow us to coordinate actions with greater efficiency to generate better results.”

The new headquarters will be managed by a small team of CAF experts and will act as a bridge between the nations of the region and the corporation.
It is expected that the team will be able to leverage the expertise of CAF to help the countries of Central America and Panama to better tackle development-related issues.

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