Buenos Aires Mayor Suggests Declaring Pro-Omnibus Law Deputies “Persona Non Grata”


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The mayor of the Buenos Aires town of Pehuajó, Pablo Zurro, has signed a controversial decree rejecting the Omnibus Law and the Decree of Necessity and Urgency of deregulation of the economy promoted by the national Government. He has proposed to declare legislators who vote in favor of these initiatives “persona non grata” in the municipality.

Zurro announced his initiative through his social network account and explained his decision in a video. The decree states that legislators who support the Omnibus Law and DNU 70/2023 will be declared persona non grata in the city of Pehuajó. It warns that these initiatives will cause a recession, erode family income, make health less accessible, and harm industries, SMEs, and businesses.

The decree also emphasizes the need to protect regional economies and small and medium-sized agricultural producers. It expresses concern about the attack on unions and the intention to eliminate the right to strike. Zurro criticizes the current government’s handling of the economy and the impact of external debt on the country.

Zurro’s opposition to the Omnibus Law has been met with criticism. Fernando Rovello, a provincial deputy, called Zurro’s positioning absurd and accused him of prioritizing political alliances over the needs of the people. He argued that the mayor and the governor should focus on addressing the challenges faced by the community.

The government is seeking votes to obtain half-sanction in the Chamber of Deputies for the “Bases” bill. The bill has encountered resistance from governors and Congress members due to its fiscal implications. The government has made changes to the bill in response to the opposition, but the legislative process is ongoing.

Overall, Zurro’s decree and the government’s efforts to pass the Omnibus Law have sparked controversy and debate. The impact of these initiatives on the economy and the well-being of the people remains a topic of concern for many. The political landscape in Buenos Aires and beyond continues to evolve as these issues are addressed.

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