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Buck Showalter Delivers a Blunt Message to the Mets: Put an End to Marcus Stroman’s Antics

Buck Showalter Responds to Marcus Stroman’s Celebration

After Marcus Stroman celebrated his win against the Mets earlier this week by chest pounding and screaming into their dugout, Buck Showalter offered a response.

When asked about Stroman’s behavior, Showalter reminded everyone that Mets could have prevented it by simply playing better. According to Showalter, Stroman’s behavior did not surprise anyone as it is his usual M.O.

Stroman left the game after pitching eight innings for the Cubs and allowing just two runs. Before leaving, he loudly celebrated his success. One Mets player later called him out, saying he should have shown more respect and acted like a professional.

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Showalter’s Decision to Stick with Daniel Vogelbach

On Thursday night, Buck Showalter decided to stick with Daniel Vogelbach at DH, despite the player struggling with his performance throughout the month of May.

Vogelbach has hit multiple balls hard, but has still been struggling to consistently make solid contact. Meanwhile, rookie Mark Vientos was an option at DH, but only pinch-hit in the ninth inning.

Showalter admitted that he makes decisions on projections and considers input from others before making his final choice. Vogelbach’s track record as an offensive player is also a factor that Showalter takes into account when making these decisions.

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While Vogelbach may be struggling, Showalter has faith that he will revert back to his usual form with more opportunities to play.

Source: nypost.com

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