Bryan Cranston’s Wife’s Reaction to Breaking Bad’s First Episode Script Revealed

This was the only word that Bryan Cranston's wife said when reading the script for the first episode of Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston Shares Hilarious Story About Breaking Bad Script Approval

Bryan Cranston has become an icon in the television industry due to his unmatched acting skills and remarkable roles. Breaking Bad, the critically acclaimed series in which Cranston played Walter White, has contributed majorly to his success. Recently, he shared a hilarious story about his wife’s reaction to the Breaking Bad pilot episode’s script.

Cranston revealed to GQ that he always takes his wife’s opinion when he receives scripts for roles. When he was given the Breaking Bad pilot episode’s script, he let his wife, Robin Dearden, read it. As she read through the script, he could see she was getting more and more into it until the end. Right before finishing the script, Dearden said one word: “Shit.” Cranston knew that her reaction was her approval.

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Breaking Bad has been the most important role of Cranston’s career, and he doesn’t mind being known as Walter White. He reprised his role in Better Call Saul and shot an ad for the Super Bowl, stating that it would be the last time he played Heisenberg. Additionally, the white underpants worn by Cranston in the show’s beginning will be put up for auction soon, and fans are eager to get their hands on a piece of the show’s history.

Creator Vince Gilligan already has another series in progress, with Rhea Seehorn as the lead. While Breaking Bad may be over, it’s clear that Cranston’s legendary role will remain a significant part of television history.

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