Brussels Suggests Space Investment to Reach Autonomy

**European Space Conference Focuses on Strategic Autonomy and Technological Independence**

At the conclusion of the European Space Conference in Brussels, European Commissioner Gabriel acknowledged the importance of investing in space technology to achieve strategic autonomy and technological independence.

“European leadership, strategic autonomy, and technological independence are essential,” Gabriel said during the closing ceremony.

He also highlighted the value of European space industry, which, in 2021, was worth 8.6 billion euros and makes Europe the fourth largest “player” in the global space sector. To further this growth, Gabriel praised the European Innovation Agenda for attracting talent to the continent.

European space companies are the primary actors behind the EU space economy, in activities such as the manufacturing of satellites and the providing of communication and observation services. Small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as startups, have contributed to the increased value of the European space industry.

Astronaut of the European Space Agency Samantha Cristoforet added that the crisis the world is currently facing has highlighted the importance of investing in innovation and research. She expressed hope that, twenty years from now, such efforts will be appreciated.

Additionally, Cristoforet and Gabriel both spoke about the beneficial impact of space technologies for combating climate change.

The European Space Conference, which took place from Tuesday to Thursday, was composed of participants from the EU institutions and Member States, the European Space Agency, European industry, civil society, and researchers. The event was intended to promote the competitiveness of space and terrestrial systems and to build the EU’s capacity to access space. The European Commission has missioned the pool of resources, policies, regulations and financing programs to mobilize public and private actors.

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