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Bruno García (PP Cádiz): There is something much more important than ideologies: the city of Cádiz

Bruno García is the candidate of the Popular Party for the Mayor of Cádiz. To get to her, García is addressed to all Cadiz residents, regardless of their political colour, their ideology Or your sensibilities. It is very clear that in order to change the city for the better needs all the gaditanosTherefore, he does not absolutely exclude anyone from what he wants them to be the most open government in the history of Cádiz.

Bruno GarciaIn addition to his extensive experience in the private sectorHe has a lot of knowledge of Cadiz City Hall -where he has been a Councilor for Tourism and has also been in the opposition-, and he is also well acquainted with the idiosyncrasies of the entire autonomy, since in recent years he has served as regional deputy of the PP in the Parliament of Andalusia.

Just 48 hours before the municipal elections are held, Bruno Garcia has attended to OKDIARY Andalusia to give a final review of his campaign and, above all, to ask all the men and women of Cádiz to listen to him so that, together, we can bring change for the better to a city “as wonderful” as it is Cadiz.

Question (Q).- Your project is that of an open government in which all Cadiz citizens fit, regardless of their political colors.

Answer (R).- I am asking all the people of Cádiz to vote, regardless of what they have voted on other occasions or what their sensitivity is, because at this moment it is no longer about ideologies; there is something much more important and that we have in common, which is the city of Cádiz. Most of the people of Cádiz know that it could be much better, and that is what I am proposing. A government that is much more open and that the carelessness with which it has been governed during all this time is replaced by good management. We have to put Cádiz above anything.

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Q.- Municipal elections, moreover, are usually characterized by the fact that the person is voted for more than the party…

R.- That is the approach that we make. We have a model, which is the model of Juanma Moreno, which is working so well in Andalusia and which is generating progress. And that is what I am raising, that is why I have also addressed many progressives that we know and who have told me that they are disappointed with how the city has been managed during these last eight years. And, without a doubt, we believe that there is an opportunity for change. Anything other than voting for us means continuing to do the same and, to ensure change, the only option is to vote for our team.

Q.- You are not a regular politician. On the one hand you have a lot of experience in the private sector, and on the other you know English! How can you transfer this to municipal management?

R.- That originally gave me the chance to be a councilor for Tourism, which is why it helped me to be a councilor for the most wonderful city in the world. From my experience in the private sector, I have spent eight years in government and four years in opposition, where I believe I have learned even more. Because many times you learn from defeat and it also serves to put your feet on the ground.

Now, in the last four years, I have had a phase as a representative of the Andalusian Parliament, which has given me a broader vision of Andalusia and its problems and has allowed me to be closer to Juanma Moreno and his team. That has also given me experience.

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But above all, I know the City Hall well from the inside. I have been there for 12 years and what I want is to make the illusion that we have in our team available to the people of Cádiz. We want to change this mismanagement for a dedication. When you govern a city, you have to dedicate a lot of time, a lot of love and a lot of passion, because if you don’t, things don’t work out.

Q.- When we talk to people from Cádiz, the biggest concerns they have are the lack of housing solutions and depopulation. What measures do you propose in this regard?

R.- It has been the big issue in these elections. There are two big problems: housing and employment, which ultimately result in depopulation. There have been more than 7,000 people in the last eight years who have left the city and, therefore, that is our great challenge.

The good news is that houses can be built, what happens is that you have to dedicate yourself to it. We have the ability to do it. But so far they have not been able to because they have not dedicated themselves.

There is a housing plan from the current City Council government, through which more than 1,800 subsidized homes can be built, and what we are going to do is use that same plan, but execute it. Something that has not been done so far.

Also, in the historical case it is essential that young people return. And that we are going to do. We need the historic center to have more life than it does.

Q.- And for this, among other things, you propose an electric minibus, more parking spaces, more taxis, cleaner buses…

R.- It is that here for a long time many barriers have been placed. Cádiz men and women who have a car need it. And there has to be a coexistence. The city needs and has the obligation to comply with all environmental regulations, and we are also going to strictly comply with that, but we also have to provide facilities for those who have a car, we do not have to corner them. And we have proposed car parks for residents at the entrance to the old town. But we also have to give space to people who want to come and buy from the stores. Many times we also need customers and visitors who want to come see us, we need to give them the opportunity to have good access.

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We have proposed a park-and-ride around the Plaza de Sevilla. Well, put three high-rise car parks there with an electric minibus that will take you around the historic center, so we won’t have to put the cars in, but we have a space.

Q.- Why does a person from Cádiz have to vote for you?

R.- I want to address all the men and women of Cádiz. We all know the city is wonderful. That is unquestionable and everyone is clear about it. But Cádiz can be much better than it is. From there they know that if they vote for the PSOE and the successors of the current government it leads us all to the same situation.

I propose to change. Change for the better because the city deserves it, and I think that if we do it together, that change will be much easier. We are on the brink of achieving a sufficient majority to govern and I believe that if we all contribute a little, and if we are capable of seeing that we as a team and as an open proposal in which everyone can fit, I believe that change can be achieved.

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