Broward Condominium Apartment Robbery Caught on Video


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The safety of residents in a local apartment complex has become a major concern. One woman reported that criminals had stolen some of her belongings, leaving her apartment in disarray. She described the scene as if it were something out of a horror movie. The thieves had taken watches and other valuable items, totaling $1,500 in losses.

This incident is just one of several that have occurred recently. A few months ago, someone broke into her car, leaving her feeling unsafe. Just a week ago, there were young people in the pool area, drinking and smoking. These incidents have left residents feeling uneasy and concerned for their safety.

The sheriff’s office has been made aware of the situation and has an active case in the same condominium. However, residents are still worried about the lack of security measures in place. They were told that there was a security guard making rounds at night, but many residents have not seen this person.

The woman who was a victim of theft expressed her hope that the security issue would be taken more seriously. She and other residents are concerned about their safety and want to see more proactive measures put in place to prevent future incidents.

In response to these concerns, the apartment management has assured residents that they are working to improve security measures. They have promised to increase patrols and take other steps to ensure the safety of their residents. However, many residents are still skeptical and feel that more needs to be done to address the security issues in the complex.

Overall, the safety of residents in the apartment complex is a major concern. The recent incidents of theft and other criminal activity have left many feeling uneasy and worried about their safety. While steps are being taken to address these concerns, residents are still hoping for more proactive measures to be put in place to ensure their safety and peace of mind.

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