Broken Relationship: Anger and Gallardo


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The storm has returned to Al Ittihad with Karim Benzema at the center of it. The French star, who has been surrounded by controversy in recent weeks, had a dramatic confrontation with coach Marcelo Gallardo during Monday’s training session. Gallardo, known for his firm conviction not to give privileges and to maintain justice within the team, ordered Benzema to exercise alone after a group workout. However, Benzema refused and left the session in anger.

This incident comes after Benzema had already been exercising individually during his absence in the preseason, as imposed by the club. Gallardo does not tolerate privileges and expects Benzema to apologize and adhere to the general rules. Despite minimal personal contact on Monday, Benzema showed that he was willing to train with the players who had not played in the previous game.

Benzema was not called up for the team’s friendly match against Al Tai, and he was seen training in the gym with injured players. Uncertainty looms over Al Ittihad as one of its biggest stars is unhappy and may even consider leaving in the January transfer window. The situation has reignited tensions within the team and raised questions about Benzema’s future with the club.

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