Brochero: The Priest Who Built Roads, Schools, and Became a Saint


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José Gabriel del Rosario Brochero, also known as the gaucho priest, was a tireless and dedicated man who always put the needs of the people first. Despite facing personal challenges, such as losing his sight due to disease, he continued to serve the community until his last days. Born in Carreta Quemada, Córdoba in 1840, Brochero had a strong desire to become a priest from a young age. He was ordained at the age of 26 and dedicated his life to helping others.

Brochero’s work extended beyond spiritual guidance. He was involved in various community projects, such as building roads, providing water, and constructing churches. He was known for his ability to connect with the local people, often mediating conflicts and using the same language as the gauchos. Despite criticism from some priests, he continued to use his approach to reach and help the community.

One of Brochero’s most notable achievements was the construction of the House of Exercises in 1877. He also founded rural schools, parish houses, and a missionary house, transforming the region and improving the lives of the people. He was a beloved figure in the community, known for his love of barbecues and his ability to tell stories and anecdotes.

Brochero’s dedication to serving others led him to spend time with lepers, despite the risk of contracting the disease himself. Eventually, he did become infected, which affected his sight and hearing. However, he continued to pray and meditate, and even listened to the reading of the Gospel in the church.

Brochero passed away in 1914, leaving behind a legacy of selfless service and devotion to the community. His impact on the people of Córdoba was so profound that two miracles were attributed to him, leading to his beatification. A museum in Córdoba now tells the story of his life and the miracles associated with him.

One of the miracles involved a violent car accident that occurred near Alta Gracia, in Córdoba. Despite the severity of the accident, a young boy named Nicolás, who was involved in the crash, miraculously recovered after suffering multiple cardiac arrests and serious neurological problems. His recovery was attributed to the intervention of Brochero.

Brochero’s life and work continue to inspire people, and his beatification has solidified his place as a beloved and revered figure in Córdoba. His selfless dedication to serving others and his ability to connect with the community have left a lasting impact that is still felt today.

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