British Intelligence Claims Russia Using Prisoners to Manufacture Weapons

Russian Prisoners Forced to Work for Tanks Manufacturer: Defence Report

According to the latest intelligence report from the British Ministry of Defence, Russia’s largest tank manufacturer Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) has stated that it would employ 250 prisoners, after holding a meeting with the Federal Criminal Service (FSIN) in November 2022.

The report explains that there is a widespread practice of using prisoners as workforce in Russian prisons, though since 2017, the country has been introducing forced labor as a specific punishment.

FSIN, which oversees more than 400,000 inmates in Russia, frequents finds itself at the receiving end of accusations involving corruption and brutality.

The report suggests that the prison population provides an opportunity for leaders in Russia to use in support of a “special military operation” – given the lack of volunteers for the purpose – referring to the invasion of Ukraine in particular. It is further believed that convict labor proves to be of great use to weapons manufacturers like UVZ, as per the note.

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