British Guard Sentenced to 13+ Years in Prison for Spying for Russia in Germany

More than thirteen years in prison for the British guard who spied for Russia in Germany

David Smith, a former security guard at the British Embassy in Berlin, was sentenced to thirteen years and two months in jail for spying for Russia. In August 2021, Smith was arrested and brought to justice in a case that caused a great stir in his country.

The judge of the Old Bailey Criminal Court, Mark Wall, described Smith as “anti-British” and pro-Putin and stated that he had been transmitting confidential information to the Russian embassy in Berlin via his mobile phone. Judge Wall added that Russia had paid Smith for his betrayal.

Smith pleaded guilty to eight charges and defended his actions by claiming he wanted to take revenge on the embassy because he felt mistreated. The judge sentenced Smith to thirteen years and two months in jail, marking the end of the trial.

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