Bregman insulted, boos, VAR request: highlights of omnibus law debate


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A man who insulted Myriam Bregman was expelled from the Chamber of Deputies. Representative Gerardo Martínez, head of the Unión por la Patria bloc, interrupted the round of privilege issues to raise a complaint that revolutionized the premises. He pointed out that there was a person above the screen who insulted Bregman, and said that the meeting could not continue until the person left.

Other legislative representatives also considered it inadmissible to continue with the debate in the midst of what they considered a lack of respect. This led to a succession of endorsements for the complaint. The head of the Lower House, Martín Menem, had to intervene due to the angry and repeated complaints that blocked the continuity of the discussion. He first asked to continue because “the VAR is not going to be requested”, but then had to ask security to remove the man from the scene.

The person was not publicly identified, but left accompanied by agents of the Chamber and by libertarian deputies Romina Diez and Alejandro Bongiovanni. The expelled person was in the box of the PEP Committee (SME Entrepreneurs and Producers) which brings together businessmen from all over the country. Those who were there claim that the person snuck in and that they do not know who he is.

In the midst of the commotion generated by each of the interventions of those who raised issues of privilege, Miguel Pichetto asked to speak to ask for a bit of order in the venue. He stated that the boos were not tolerable and that the word should be respected, emphasizing that the Chamber of Deputies is not a soccer field.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Martín Menem, also had to intervene to maintain order. The incident caused a disruption in the proceedings and led to a delay in the debate. It was a rare occurrence in the Chamber of Deputies, where such incidents are not common.

The expulsion of the person who insulted Myriam Bregman highlights the importance of maintaining respect and order in the Chamber of Deputies. It also serves as a reminder that such behavior will not be tolerated and that appropriate action will be taken to address any disruptions to the proceedings. The incident has sparked discussions about security measures and access control in the Chamber of Deputies to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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