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Breaking News: Suffolk County’s Emergency Order to Address Asylum Seekers Raises Alarm

Breaking News: Suffolk County’s Emergency Order to Address Asylum Seekers Raises Alarm

Suffolk County Declares Emergency Due to Influx of Asylum Seekers

On Friday, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone declared a state of emergency in response to the arrival of asylum seekers from New York City. The declaration enables the county to organize and coordinate with the state and local non-profits.

Objection to Busing of Migrants

Bellone has formally expressed his objection to the transportation of migrants from New York City to Suffolk County. The move was taken due to a shortage of available housing options for families and individuals legally seeking asylum. Bellone explained, “We remain supportive of Governor Hochul’s coordinated and humane approach to addressing this crisis, and this Emergency Order serves to protect the local communities from bearing any costs associated with the potential arrival of asylum seekers.”

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Establishment of Rules for Hotels and Shelters

The emergency declaration also states that hotels and shelters will require permission to accept asylum seekers. This step aims to create a coordinated effort between the state and local non-profits.

Call for Coordination and Support

With the arrival of asylum seekers, Suffolk County has requested additional coordination and support from the state and local non-profits to ensure an organized and sustainable approach to the challenges of providing shelter, food, healthcare, and legal representation.

Ending Note

The arrival of asylum seekers presents significant logistical, legal, and humanitarian challenges. Suffolk County’s declaration of emergency and call for coordination highlight the need for a coordinated effort to address the needs of these individuals and families legally seeking asylum.
Source: abc7ny.com

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