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Breaking News: Ex-Cubs Prospect Josefrailin Alcántara Suspected in Fatal Shooting Case

Dominican Republic Police Search for MLB Prospect After Shooting Death of Friend

Dominican Republic authorities are currently seeking Major League Baseball prospect, Josefrailin Alcántara, in connection with the death of his friend, Darwin Díaz Valerio. According to officials, Alcántara fatally shot Valerio after a dispute over RD $150,000, which is equivalent to approximately $2,747.68 USD. The incident occurred on May 18 in Alcántara’s hometown of Santiago.

Alcántara, an outfielder who recently played in the Chicago Cubs minor league system, allegedly shot Valerio twice inside a car during the argument and later fled after receiving medical treatment.

Police Possess Evidence

Police found a bullet and bloodstains in the car where the incident took place during their investigation and arrested Alcántara’s cousin, Diego Aníbal Rodríguez Martínez, who was in the back seat of the car at the time of the shooting on May 24.

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Cubs Respond to Investigation

Alcántara signed with the Cubs as an international free agent in January 2022 and played one season in the Cubs minor league system. Last year, he had a batting average of .136 and 10 RBIs through 40 games in the Dominican Summer League.

The Cubs made a statement to the Chicago Tribune, saying, “We were made aware of a death investigation involving one of our recently released minor-league players. We cannot provide further comment until we have additional details.”

The age of the accused player was cited in different reports as 18 or 19.

Source: nypost.com

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