Brazilian Prosecutor Requests Investigation of Deputies for Anti-Democratic Acts

The Brazilian Public Ministry has requested the Supreme Court to investigate three Bolsonaro deputies who allegedly incited anti-democratic acts, resulting in assaults and looting of the headquarters of the three powers in Brasilia on Sunday.

The Prosecutor’s Office has asked for investigations into André Fernandes and the indigenous military officer Silvia Waiãpi, both from the Liberal Party, and Clarissa Tércio from the Progressive Party.

The petition presented to the Court accuses the three deputies of “inciting acts of violence and vandalism through postings on social networks before and during the invasions,” which could qualify as a crime of “public incitement to crime”.

On Sunday, thousands of Bolsonaro supporters stormed and destroyed the premises of the Congress, the Planalto presidential palace and the Supreme Court. Nearly 1,500 people were arrest between Sunday and Monday for these acts and the Prosecutor’s Office believes that this was an attempt to “abolish the Democratic State of Law through violence or serious threat”.

The Public Ministry has also asked to investigate the governor of Federal District of Brasilia and his Security Secretary Anderson Torres, who was fired from office by the Governor the same day of the attacks. An arrest warrant was issued for Torres and he has announced he will return to Brazil soon to surrender to the authorities.

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