Brazilian Court Demands Analysis of Suspension of 11 Deputies’ Possession Act

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Supreme Court of Brazil requests speedy investigation on eleven Congress MPs in 24 hours

The Supreme Court of Brazil has asked the Attorney General’s Office to decide, within a duration of 24 hours, investigate the stoppage of the taking of office of eleven MPs under probe for anti-democratic acts committed on January 8. The request came from the Superior Electoral Tribunal’s President, Justice Alexandre de Moraes, following a demand by the Prerogatives lawyers’ group.

The lawyers’ group has specified that the eleven MPs, elected in the last election, had supported the violent demonstrations conducted by former President Jair Bolsonaro’s followers, which culminated in the storming of the Congress headquarters, Supreme Court and Palanto Presidential Palace.

The group has opined that it is “unimaginable” for elected representatives of the people in a democratic society to “support, encourage and even participate” in acts that compromise a democratic rule of law.

In addition to the eleven MPs, two deputies and a third for are being scrutinized for their involvement in the coup attempts against incumbent President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The inauguration of the congressmen is scheduled for February 1 this year, when the new legislative year is set to commence.

Currently, nearly 1,800 people have been arrested, of which a third have been released with conditions pending further investigation. Amongst those detained is Anderson Torres, a loyal accomplice of Bolsonaro who also held the post of Secretary of Public Security at the time of the attack.

The Supreme court is also investigating Bolsonaro’s involvement in the coup. He currently is in the United States, where he is wanted for questioning in this matter.

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