Brazil Regains Control in Political Landslide: Analysis of Latin America Impacts

The Brazilian authorities regained control of the three seats of power in the capital this Sunday (01.08.2023) after a federal intervention was declared by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, following a massive invasion of supporters of the far-right ex-president Jair Bolsonaro. At nightfall, the public forces seem to be keeping the situation under control, although numerous protesters, who reject Lula’s election, are still visible near the center of power in the South American giant.

The decree from the leftist President put the security forces under the authority of one the people appointed by himself, Ricardo Garcia Capelli, who has the authority to resort to “any organ, civil or military” in order to maintain order. Lula has also promised to not only find out who is behind the invasion but also to punish them fully with the force of law.

The storming of the Capitol – seat of the US Congress in Washington on January 6, 2021, carried out by Bolsonaro’s supporters, left shocking images and an overall climate of terror in Brasilia, the federal capital and host of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Powers of Brazil.

The disturbance and chaos taken the local authorities by surprise, who have watched all this take place with the Minister of Justice, Flavio Dino. The movement and demonstrations took so much proportions that the governor of the Brasilia district, Ibaneis Rocha, an ally of Bolsonaro, had to apologize to Lula and condemn the actions of the protesters describing them as “real vandals” and “real terrorists.”

At least 300 Bolsonaristas have been arrested for the invasion and looting of Congress, the Planalto presidential palace and the Federal Supreme Court (STF) of Brazil. Police are on guard in the area of ​​the Congress to ensure the authorities have full control over the situation.

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