Brazil Beats Paraguay to Retain Top Spot in South America

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Brazil defeats Paraguay 2-1 to head South American Sub-20 Championship’s Group A

Brazil defeated Paraguay 2-1 this Friday and finished at the top of the Group A of the South American Sub-20 Championship. Paraguay’s Kevin Pereira opened the account at minute 22 with a powerful shot, which Brazilian goalkeeper Kaique failed to stop. Stenio equalized for Brazil 30 minutes later. Ronald Cardoso sealed the victory for Canarinha with a goal after 55 minutes.

Colombia sealed the second place with 8 points after defeating Argentina 1-0. Paraguay with 7, Argentina with 3 and Peru with none, were eliminated from the next phase.

The game started with Brazil’s dominance, with Luis Guilherme and Pedrinho coming close to scoring twice. Paraguay fought back, leading Kevin Pereira to score their first goal.

In the second half, Paraguay had their goalkeeper Javier Talavera substituted, but failed to even out the game on the scoreboard. Brazil meshed their pieces and dominated till the end, leading Ronald Cardoso to score the final goal.

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