Boye warns of potential pitfalls in current amnesty law


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On June 8, 2023, the lawyer of former president of the Generalitat de Catalunya Carles Puigdemont, Gonzalo Boye, arrived at the Supreme Court in Madrid, Spain. The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court (TS) is holding a hearing for the appeals presented by Puigdemont and other escapees from 1-O against the review carried out by magistrate Pablo Llarena on their prosecution for the ‘processes’ after the entry into force of the penal reform.

In an interview with ‘Vilaweb’ collected by Europa Press, Boye warned that the current wording of the amnesty law opens a crack into which “many people will fall.” He highlighted that “if the text remains as it is now, there is obviously a black hole or a gap through which judges like García-Castellón will try not only to make the 26 people enter of the Tsunami and the CDRs that would now be affected, but to all those who can.”

Boye has revealed that the only defense that does not worry him in the case of terrorism is that of Puigdemont, since “there is not a single judge in Europe who believes anything that is said against President Puigdemont.” He added, “What is not achieved through parliamentary means, is achieved through judicial means. The history of Spain demonstrates this.”

Boye has also warned that “the parties to which the leaders of this alleged terrorist plot belong” may enter this crack; in his opinion, the parties could be affected by a possible illegalization.

Boye’s concerns about the amnesty law and its potential impact on the legal proceedings for Puigdemont and other escapees from 1-O highlight the complexities and uncertainties surrounding the legal and political landscape in Spain. The ongoing legal battles and the implications of the amnesty law are likely to continue to be a source of controversy and debate in the coming months.

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