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boyband RBD Teases Reunion with New Tour in 2023


RBD Teases Reunion with New Tour in 2023

Reunited Band to Release Details in 13 Cities Internationally

The rock band, who announced their long-awaited reunion last month, has revealed the cities in which they’ll release more details about the upcoming tour.

The official website specified 13 cities, 8 of which are in the United States, 3 in Mexico and 2 in Brazil.

The list of cities include major entertainment hubs like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, along with smaller cities and towns in Mexico, like Ciudad De Mexico and Zacoalco de Torres, and in Brazil, like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The reunion will be celebrated with a range of events and exclusive content, such as ViX: entertainment without limits, with more than 100 channels, in Spanish. Get ready to enjoy movies, series, soap operas, and sports, totally free and in your language.

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