Bounce Test Approved: The Secret Weapon for Gym Girls with 30L Boobs Fitting Comfortably in Sports Bras


Discover the Solution to Big Boobs During A Workout

Have you ever faced the challenge of large breasts getting in the way during a workout? Running, jumping, or any high-impact movement can be discomforting for those with a fuller bust. The good news is that one gym-goer has found a solution to this problem and shared it on social media for others to benefit.

The creator of the workaround, known online as @fullerbustbestie, shared her secret in an Instagram post. By trying on a new sports bra, she solved the issue of her boobs getting in the way of her workout routine.

The sports bra she featured in the post is “amazingly soft” and feels “like butter,” according to her. She even compared the bounce test in a regular bra to a sports bra, demonstrating how well the sports bra holds her boobs without discomfort.

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The bra’s comfortability has convinced her to not only wear it while working out but also around the house. Additionally, its padding gives her a “little bit of lift,” making it a perfect solution for those with a fuller bust.

Although she faced some difficulties fitting the bra to completely accommodate her breasts, she recommends the sports bra to anyone looking for a comfortable solution for their workouts.

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Overall, finding the right sports bra is crucial in making your workout experience as comfortable and efficient as possible. Thanks to this new solution, those with a fuller bust can enjoy their workouts without any discomfort.


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