Boluarte’s Call to Action in Peru’s Crisis at the OAS Meeting

Peru’s President Calls for Free Elections Amid Ongoing Crisis

President Dina Boluarte of Peru made an impassioned plea for free elections as “the only possible” solution to the political crisis that has been ravaging the country since December 2022. She made the statement in a virtual meeting with the Organization of American States (OAS) Permanent Council this Wednesday (01.25.2023).

Protests have raged on in the South American nation demanding Boluarte’s resignation ever since the arrest of the former left-wing president Pedro Castillo. Demonstrations have caused the deaths of more than 60 people since its onset while some countries like Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, and Chile have censured the Peruvian authorities’ reaction to the unrest.

Boluarte reacted to the outcry from her colleagues in the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) summit, saying “We cannot be indifferent when today in our sister republic of Peru with the government under the command of Dina Boluarte, people who go out to march to demand what they consider fair end up shot by whoever should defend them.”

The Peruvian president offered to advance the elections as soon as possible and also, called on friendly countries in the region to support “the only possible way out”—a peaceful and constitutional resolution for the crisis consistent with the tradition of the OAS and the entire region.

President Boluarte pointed out that the protests had costed the country more than two million soles (0.5 million dollars) in estimated losses without counting the damage to infrastructure which has approximately reached 3,000 million. Moreover, she mentioned her government’s commitment to justice towards information related to excessive force used against the protesters and promised to reach out to the indigenous people, who are part of the groups have taken to the streets.

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