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Boluarte Labelled AMLO as Ignorant, Controversy Intensifies

Peru’s President Dina Boluarte has responded to criticism from her Mexican counterpart, Andrés López Obrador, who partially suspended relations with the country after being declared non grata by Peru’s Congress. Boluarte called López Obrador out on his “bit making rhetoric” and “a lot of ignorance for so much intelligence of the Mexican people”. López Obrador had previously said that “it is a lot of people in Peru for so little government”, in reference to the recent political turmoil in the country. Peru’s Congress declared López Obrador persona non grata after his repeated statements on Peru’s internal affairs and refusal to transfer the presidency of the Pacific Alliance to the country.  

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In addition, López Obrador stated that he did not want economic or commercial relations with Peru and would not be handing over the pro tempore presidency of the Pacific Alliance to the country. He instead proposed handing it over to Chile, despite the presidency supposedly belonging to Peru. The Mexican president called Boluarte a “usurper” of her position and suggested that there was a lack of “democratic political normality” in Peru.

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