HomeNewsBoluarte Implores for "Forgiveness" for Mistakes Made in Pursuit of Peace

Boluarte Implores for Forgiveness for Mistakes Made in Pursuit of Peace

Boluarte Implores for Forgiveness for Mistakes Made in Pursuit of Peace

Peru’s President reiterates commitment to promote dialogue for social peace

President Karla Boluarte of Peru has declared she would not resign from power and affirmed her government’s commitment to continue “promoting dialogue for social peace” amid the ongoing crisis in the country.

In a message to the nation, the president asserted that she “does not want to stay in power” and asked the Congress to advance the date to vote on the bill presented by the Executive branch to hold general elections in April 2024.

Boluarte also reiterated her assurance that the country deserves to know the truth “objectively and quickly” regarding the deaths resulting from the citizen protests and welcomed the investigations opened by the Public Ministry to identify those responsible.

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She also called for an end to violence and asserted that there is a “fair claim” from citizens who’ve been expressing their “discontent due to unsatisfied demands” relegated for decades.

In the same message to the nation, Boluarte also discussed the promises former president Pedro Castillo made “during that year and a half”, which she said she was aware of as “a polarized country” with extremist sectors seeking to create “disorder and chaos”.

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