Boluarte Demands Truce Amidst Protests in Lima

Protests and Clashes Intensify in Peru

On Tuesday, protests in Peru intensified with violent clashes in Lima’s historic center.
President Boluarte made a statement asking for a national truce and expressing her support for the National Police. She attributed the cause of the chaos to “radical groups” involved in drug trafficking, illegal mining and smuggling.

The economic losses amount to more than 2,000 million soles (about 514 million dollars) in terms of production and 3,000 million soles (about 772.3 million dollars) in terms of destruction of infrastructure, police stations, and offices of the Public Ministry.

The anti-government marches that have been taking place since the beginning of December have resulted in 62 deaths and the president apologized for them. She also said that the extreme violence against police officers is “unacceptable.”

In the afternoon and evening of Tuesday, protesters marched through Lima to demand the president’s resignation and for a general election for this year and a constituent assembly. This ended in clashes between hundreds of protesters and police officers in the streets and squares of the historic center.

Despite the President’s call for a truce, clashes continue in Peru and the protesters reiterate their demands for her resignation.

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